Pictures galore

This is just a picture to show the gorgeous foliage

You can see this fire truck pic hanging in the lobby of the Plainfield fire department.

Some of these may look a little off register, it's because I have to take pictures of the pictures and I have to angle the lens so I don't get a flash reflection. But this is a small piece of my portfolio. They are a little darker on here than in real life as well. The picture of the street, the little boy and the crazy wide angle shot of the jungle gym all have more detail in real life. It's impossible to take a picture of a picture... maybe I should try a scanner??

*Thank you Lord for my creativity.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Arri,
Very nice to finally see the work I keep hearing about. Given that they are photos of photos broadcast through cyberia as ones and zeroes- they look great! I'm especially fond of the parallel universe images, and of your most recent, I really like the one of the playground apparatus- the framed & silhouetted tree is pure visual poetry to my eye. Would love to see the real deal sometime...