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In my wonderful stay here in Grand Rapids, I have to say I have re-discovered my appreciation for a more classy fashion. It's funny that GR has a very distinct fashion aura to it. Much much different from Nashville. I think i would like to merge the two together. We shall see. I also have more time to scour the Internet for new music and random stuff. Now days bloggers post all kinds of things they would like to share on their blogs - so I would hope that in writing on this silly thing (if anyone reads or even cares) that I could keep up with the blogger trends. So. Here are some things I love that I religiously look at weekly (ok ok... daily) Enjoy.

#1 The Sartorialist. I've been loving on this blog for almost 2 years now. I love looking at it as a photographer, artist, and a girl longing for the ability to own designer gear. *sigh*

#2 Garance Dore. Amazing artist and fashionista... dating the sartorialist. Thank you Stef for introducing this to me!

#3 The Cut.. New York's Magazine's fashion blog. more high fashion but sometimes have some really cool things!

#4 Of course, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie and J.Crew. No one can go wrong with these.

#5 Apartment Therapy. Like decorating and design?? Check this out.

#6 Lomography for all of my creative and abstract photographic inspiration and needs

#7 NPR music. LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I have always loved npr. But last year I discovered NPR music, where they have songs from new albums and interviews with musicians. It's amazing.

#8 Pitchfork. This is nothing new, any music enthusiast is obviously in the know with pitchfork. I'm not a hipster, I can enjoy things that are mainstream.

I could do this all day, I have a list about 50 websites long of wonderful inspiration and information. but I'll spare you and just supply these few for now :)

Happy Internet Surfing.

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