It's been a couple months since I have "blogged".
I can say things are perking up a bit since the last depressing entry. Trent is no longer haunting me. This has been a recent freedom. Im realizing it was so hard for me to walk away because that was the first time I was actually affected so deeply by another person. We knew eachother on a different level than normal, and that's a hard thing to have and then to leave behind. But I'm walking in truth. I know he was not the one for me. I can look back and confidently say, I want something more than that. :) And that feels good. I'm glad though, that he was a part of my life. He helped me to unerstand a lot about how I relate with people and how I connect with them. I'm learning to be more vounerable, more of me, even if it hurts.

So now. I'm still at the WU. Not really loving it, but confident it is where I belong for the time being. At the end of this month, my mom is moving to Florida. Yea... she's moving to live with the man she dated in high school/ had been having an affair with the past couple years. It sounds a lot worse when I say it out loud, i"m just coming to grips with this reality of my family. It could be much worse, but it's strange to see the dysfunction. So my mom's moving, little becca (just turned 15) is going to live with my dad who is staying in michigan. She is going to live the school year out here, then make the decision of Florida or Michigan from there. Luckily my dad took that decision from her for the time being. He's stepping up finally, it's good to see him involved in something reguarding his children.

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