This concept of moving...

okay, I've got this idea. It just came to me today.
Everyone that's been anyone in my life has moved or I have moved away from.
Here is the list.
connie and shane: we moved away from
BF in 4th grade katherine: moved
Dad: moved down the street
sister graudated: moved to Kzoo
First love brandon: moved to WA
friend neissa: moved to VA
friend josh: moved to IL
mentor and family i lived with: moved to FL
Trent: moved to TN
mother... moving to FL

all of these people had a pretty significant role in my life.
So what I am going to do with this is analyze the concept of moving.
Analyze it and turn it into a conept piece for my photography.
how? i have no clue. It's in the works. But I'm going to take this and make it into something beautiful.
thats all :)

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