The A21 Campaign - Be Her Freedom

Two blogs in one hour. I'm on a roll.
Actually Ben just sent me this video. We are hoping to gather some items and put together some boxes to send to women that have been rescued from human trafficking. This is an issue close to both Ben's heart and my own-- we feel strongly about being a part of the solution to the extreme issue of human trafficking. So strongly that both of us are working toward careers to be a part of the lives of victims to this painful and damaging crime. I've been slowly familiarizing myself with organizations in our area, and both fortunately and unfortunately there are a number to choose from. IJM, A21, RJI, World Hope, VA coalition against trafficking, Polaris Project, the list continues. A21 is not as local as the others but Ben's church supports their shelter efforts in Greece. This is a video they recently released. Please Watch. Educate yourself in this issue.. it is not a distant, over-seas problem. Women from all over the world fall victim to this disgusting trade. Including our own literal backyard. Women in the United States are kidnapped, forced, coerced, and manipulated into trafficking every day. Young, poor, wealthy, educated, loved, neglected, tall, thick, skinny, living, breathing women. There is no stereotype of the victims. It truly can be anyone, anywhere.

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