Out with the Old and in with the New!!
Happy 2011!

2010 was filled with changes, emotion, challenges, and adventure. God has shaped me so much the past 365 days; I am overwhelmed by His grace, mercy and love. I am blessed beyond belief with a wonderful family (and some new added members), the most amazing man ever to walk the earth, phenomenal friends and a truly loving and solid community around me. I hope everyone takes a moment or two to reflect on their favorite moments of 2010. I made a little top 10 list of my own. There were many to chose from... it's not as easy as you think once you look back on the year.

Best moments/memories of 2010.
(in no specific order)
  • Moving in with my best friend in GR
  • Road trip to Cincinnati, OH with Ben, Calen, and Laura to visit Casey and Miah. aka-the weekend Ben asked if I would date him.
  • Week in DC with Ben
  • Road Trip to Nashville, TN with Ben aka the weekend Ben told me he loved me.
  • My little sister's high school graduation weekend in GR
  • Climbing on Ben's rooftop to listen to the new Tallest Man on Earth album at 3am.
  • Ginger's wedding!
  • 4th of July at the beach
  • Christmas in Florida
  • Bus trip to NYC!
Happy New Year :)

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Anonymous said...

you are amazing. I'll take 8 of 10 any day.