A Thought

Tonight the question was asked:
"Is this how God made you? Or is this how you made yourself?"

God created each of us to be unique in His image. He made you and me a certain special way, but as life takes its course each of us takes the reigns and begins to create our own idea of self. In time, our relationships with God change us, bringing us back to the "original blueprint"or the plan he had for us from the beginning. We're not being changed from ourselves, we're being changed into ourselves.

Often times I have struggled with really being open to change within myself. Change everything around me and I can easily adapt, but real change in me is more difficult. I can be stuck in my ways and I am stubborn. It's always the little things I don't really want to let go of, the things I say make me who I am. Some of those personality traits ARE what make me who I am, but there are things like my tendency to be a bit crass or lack humility or to swear maybe a little more than I need to... sometimes I say "that is just who I am" because I've been identified by certain things I've always done and it's hard to imagine me without something unique in my eyes to be distinguished by. So it's comforting to have a new perspective; that God is not changing me to make me a different person, God is changing me to really make me who I am, who I know I am and who I feel I am deep inside. And I am defined only by God. I don't need to be a certain way to impress anyone. I am unique. I am special. I am gifted. I am chosen. I am beautiful. I am one of a kind. I was created by the King of kings. And He is changing me day by day by day.... and honestly I couldn't be more excited about it.

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Jamee said...

i love this thought. i've thought about it a few times since you brought it up. its a good idea to keep coming back to to <3