You are the Click to my Clack

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today remember all the wonderful people God has blessed you with in your life. It's easy to get swooped up in valentine's bliss with your significant other, but extend your love to anyone within arms reach. It feels good to be loved :)

This is Ben's and my second Valentine's Day together. Last year we were living 15 hours apart and had a "date" via skype. Luckily this year we are able to physically be together.

Spring is upon us here in VA, we spent an amazing weekend in Charlottesville and Richmond with another couple embracing the warmth of spring and the beauty of the mountains. I've been leaving my winter coat in the car and just embracing the chill that lingers in the air. I love the changing of seasons mostly because I adore the anticipation of what is yet to come. Out with the old - in with the NEW! And yes, spring of 2011 has much to offer. I feel completely overwhelmed with blessing and privilege when I think of all the opportunities and endless possibilities God is presenting me. *happy sigh*

Be blessed today and bless others with the gift of love!

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