"I am a house.."

Close your eyes and visualize every house you have stepped foot in.
Your grandmother's house. Your best friend's house. The house of the wealthy couple that lives down the street. Each one is unique in it's own way. Weather it's the smell, the front door, the number of rooms, the decor, the era it was built... on and on. To dig even deeper, each room has it's own personality. The game room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage.

Now think of yourself. Think of the different seasons of your life. Every season of your life is unique yet still unified under the category of "your life". Somewhat similar to the way each room in a house is unique, yet still under the same category of "a house." 

In every season of life, there are people that are specifically linked to it. These people may impact your life positively or negatively, it's not really important how... the point is that they did. And when you grow up or rather, move on... these people leave your life. They leave that season, they walk out of the room, the move out of the house.
But they always forget to take something with them. They always leave something behind, something with you that is left in that era of your personal history weather you realize it or not. So you are left with an empty room that is rarely re-visited except upon reminiscence, where you find it contains only a lived-in personality and the very thing that person left behind.

I am spending the entire semester capturing this very idea.
Photographing rooms of a house, a lived in house, each room empty, capturing the beauty of each space in natural light with color film. Within each vacant room there will be an item left behind that adds a piece of personality and anomaly to the room, resulting in viewer/photo interaction causing the viewer wonder what that object is, who left it, why is it there, what does it represent, how do I relate to that....

Hopefully it beings a sense of connection with ones present and past. Striking a cord with each person as they connect with a vacant room they refuses to enter or a room they are afraid to leave.

I am a house.
Each room represent a piece of my life.
Every object is a significant contribution to that piece of my life.

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Anonymous said...

hey,chanced upon your blog and thought that i should leave you a comment :] i'm a christian too,living halfway around the other side of the globe in singapore.i read through your posts and just wanna encourage you to press on in your faith,to remain in Him and to trust in His great plans for your life.i believe God can do things through you that are greater than you can ever imagine you can accomplish. ohh and i love the way you write,the analogies and stuff,really cool and inspiring.take care and God bless!