A Sestina

a Sestina:

You stare at me with that floolish grin
Connecting with my soul.
Your eyes inundate with love
For me while you sit poised in your supreme daze.
Your hands strategically placed
On your divine chiseled face.

I collapse when you graze my face
But can't conceal my tiny grin.
Perfectly placed
In this moment together- as one united soul.
One life. Is this a daze?
What is this love?

We are mechanized for love.
We long for the face of something we see only in a daze
So submarine we are engulfed by our grin.
Wondering as we search our own soul
If ever this love will be placed.

We are placed
Within the gut of love;
Of ourselves, our soul.
To love one another, we have to relish our face
And be able to grin
Despite past days.

So you arise from your daze,
Your poise no longer placed
Perfectly with your foolish grin,
Though I still envision the love
Because it's written all over your face;
Tangled in your soul.

I am tangled as well, my soul
That is. Still counting the days
Until I again see your face.
Then you will be placed
In this moment of love;
And of course there's that grin.

I soon will face the pain of my searching soul.
Meanwhile, I'll grin, as I live in a daze,
Pretending your hand is placed in mine and we are in