Keep our Christmas merry

The Holiday season is a perfect time to recognize, appreciate, and love the people around us. Especially the ones we do not know. So many hearts across the globe are without companionship this Holiday season. Not only are we blessed to have more material things than we truly need we are also blessed to have people to share our lives with. Blessed to be a blessing.

Heap on the wood!
The wind is chill;
But let it whistle as it will,
We'll keep our Christmas merry still.

a poem I love by Sir Walter Scott


The A21 Campaign - Be Her Freedom

Two blogs in one hour. I'm on a roll.
Actually Ben just sent me this video. We are hoping to gather some items and put together some boxes to send to women that have been rescued from human trafficking. This is an issue close to both Ben's heart and my own-- we feel strongly about being a part of the solution to the extreme issue of human trafficking. So strongly that both of us are working toward careers to be a part of the lives of victims to this painful and damaging crime. I've been slowly familiarizing myself with organizations in our area, and both fortunately and unfortunately there are a number to choose from. IJM, A21, RJI, World Hope, VA coalition against trafficking, Polaris Project, the list continues. A21 is not as local as the others but Ben's church supports their shelter efforts in Greece. This is a video they recently released. Please Watch. Educate yourself in this issue.. it is not a distant, over-seas problem. Women from all over the world fall victim to this disgusting trade. Including our own literal backyard. Women in the United States are kidnapped, forced, coerced, and manipulated into trafficking every day. Young, poor, wealthy, educated, loved, neglected, tall, thick, skinny, living, breathing women. There is no stereotype of the victims. It truly can be anyone, anywhere.

Fat Cat

On my break today at work I was reading this article on stress in Allure magazine. It was quite interesting - witty too - I really enjoyed the content. There was one thought in particular that made me laugh out loud.
Robert L. Leahy, director of the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy in NYC points out: "Animals don't have the capacity to worry about anything that might happen more than 30 seconds from now. 'Consider that cat' he says. 'No cat has ever wondered, Did I offend that other cat? or Is my cat ass getting fat?'" I'm pretty sure I literally pictured a cat looking in the mirror thinking is my ass fat? ha!

The main thing I took from the article is the real importance of relaxation. I'm talking about relaxation beyond sleeping or napping. Taking time for yourself to decompress and not feel pressed by life's worries. Reading, doing nothing, listening to music, doing art, working out, whatever releases tension. I've been working myself to bits lately, and while my body functions best at high intensity, my sanity has been suffering. I'm happy the holidays are approaching so I have some time to get away, sleep in, and just do nothing! I'm not sure how well that will work out, but I'm looking forward to it none the less. I'm especially looking forward to my flights. Being on a plane gives me an excuse to zone out to my ipod or read about the Kardashians without knowing there is something far more productive I could be doing. If only I were flying over seas...


Like the Wheel

I'm not sure I love anyone more than Tallest Man on Earth right now. Enjoy.


morning reminder

"You may feel you need His healing touch while He may decide to reveal His peace in the midst of your ailing body. You may think you need His financial provision, and He may decide you need to learn dependence. He knows what's best and will reveal the attributes we need in His timing. "



In recent months, I've ben pushed to face and overcome some real tribulations. In slowly giving up control, the path seems to be getting rougher. I think some things just never stop trying to hold us down. As believers we have a choice: allow the cycle of lies to continue or trust that as new creations God has cleansed us. The fallen world encourages lies of all kinds to poison us and inhibit individual growth and healing. It's hard to feel whole when you look at yourself and see something worthless. But the name above all names does not create junk, He creates masterpieces. Even though its a bit painful, He wants to purify us into something more precious that gold; the only way for that to happen is to trust and step into the fire.

Watch this short video:
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