mama telephone

Hear the cackle
through the speaker of the telephone

voice of an adulteress
coming through the other end.
is this how you’re going to spend
the entirety of your second childhood?

Oh Lee don’t you know
this is life- reality
it’s not a show
so hang up the phone.
Just hang up the phone.

The only eyes covered by the
wool are yours
don’t you see?
Oh wait. You can’t.
But why won’t you see??

Wait for the dial tone
through the speaker of the telephone.
You know it’s on it’s way.
The backhand of surprise-
Only it’s not one.

Laugh of the adulterer
stinging the ears on the other end.
Is this how your going to spend
the entirety of your life?

Oh Lee don’t you know
didn’t they tell you
it’s over.
Wish you would have seen.
So hang up the phone
just hang up the phone.



Driving by feel rather than by sight-
I'm guided by the vibrations of the bearings below.
Never wanting the road to end,
Never wanting the journey to start.

I can't stop from crying
anymore than I can stop from loving
the beauty that unfolds before my eyes;
little miracles that hold immeasurable mystery.

Questions overwhelm
like laughter in the coffee shop
when you're trying to get something done;
you're distracted by wondering who the joke is on.

The joke is on you.

Life's spontaneous blessings remind me daily
of the thing I'm living for.
The One I'm living for-
And that, kind sir, is undeniable.


Lucky little treasures

So being at home and not working and all gives me a lot of free time. I've been looking through all of my things... finding lots and lots of surprises.
I found THREE books full of poems. I got really excited. i used to love to write. I don't know what happened. but there is a turning going on in my life right now. And i'm going to start remembering that i love to write.

heres a couple of the most recent i found

I stand yellow tall and proud
infesting your yard with an army all my own
my roots extend for eons
making me impossible to rid.

the weathers change whisking away my life
along with my color.
leaving only a ball of fluff
for children to exhale upon;

planting their wishes and my seeds
for generations to come.

~3 to 6 to 5~
three hundred and sixty five
(times four)
days have gone by.

Let me tell you:
For the love,
The ground will break my fall.

With all due respect,
This journey should have ended
three hundred and sixty five
(times two)
days ago.

Well let me tell you:
For the love,
This is where it ends.

I'm done being jealous of our love.


Indiana Indiana

School is done. done. done.

Yesterday was such a stresseful day. Last day of exams. I had my portfolio presentation. I think I botched it. I felt like crap about it. I slacked off and didn't have time to finish all I needed to finsish. So I looked very unprofessional in my mind. So i cried.

I have had a total of 10 hours of sleep in the past 3 nights.

I just didn't have enough time for anything. Then we got in the van to go home and it was just... over. And I cried again. Good cry though. Luckily I was in the car with the right people.

All in All, I'm ready to be back at school. Strange how everything I feel completely switches huh?