love love love

If only things made sense.....!

God I thank you for constantly reminding me that you are in control. I willingly accept humility throughout my experiences because in the end, it's adding to my growing relationship with you God. I pray you would continue to reveal yourself to me, especially in times of confusion and stress.


Pictures galore

This is just a picture to show the gorgeous foliage

You can see this fire truck pic hanging in the lobby of the Plainfield fire department.

Some of these may look a little off register, it's because I have to take pictures of the pictures and I have to angle the lens so I don't get a flash reflection. But this is a small piece of my portfolio. They are a little darker on here than in real life as well. The picture of the street, the little boy and the crazy wide angle shot of the jungle gym all have more detail in real life. It's impossible to take a picture of a picture... maybe I should try a scanner??

*Thank you Lord for my creativity.


Part one of a parallel universe

part I
As I fell asleep he said:
Close your eyes, don't be afraid.
They'll never understand.
I said.
You're not like them.
He Said.
I have to find out.
I said.
You don't.
He said.
What will it prove?
That I am my own.
I said.
I'm taking a road trip. I said before I want to move out west, I think I'm going to visit it first. I'm thinking Montana. I have a friend that resides there and he keeps commenting that no one is going to visit him. Well my friend, I love driving and I love adventures even more than love so I will venture to Montana. I might have to do it alone, which is great because I'm in no hurry to get there or back and I don't care what happens in between. I refuse to spend a dime on a hotel though. Sleeping bags, long johns and a mixture of my car and a tent will do perfectly (I hope). I can't wait. I really hope it all works out.
Other than that latest update life is pretty grand. It's all a blur right now, I spend so much time on campus I'm thinking of taking up residency in a closet. Between there and my job... theres little time for much else. It's a little bit of a struggle, I put a lot of imprtant things on the back burner. God is one of those, I need to learn some time management. It's almost over though. It's only with His help that I'm even making it through right now.

I'm going to go enjoy the next few hours behind the lens on my picture date with Liz.

"chow darlings"


That's Amore

There's something going around. Some kind of epidemic that causes me to feel whole and completely at one with the universe. ;) It's uniquely invigorating the way God works in us.

I'm getting ready to spend another night toiling away kissing people's feet. I feel I've mastered the art of charm. All in a days work... I should be grateful waiting on people and being a servant. I am grateful for having a job and being able to make money, but sometimes it's just too much.

I've changed my mind again and decided I really want to go out west to live. I'm thinking Montana or New Mexico. You never hear of anyone saying they want to move to New Mexico. I'll start the trend. Quite honestly I forget it's one of the 50 states. But I'm ready for a change in scenery and I need to escape the bittersweetness (is that a real word?) of my comfort zone a.k.a.: Grand Rapids.

"When the moon meets your eye like a big pizza pie... That's amore." _Moonstruck.

LOVE love Crazy love.

I miss you Croatia!

*Thank you Lord for being a God of opportunity. I am grateful for a source of income and the opportunity to be able to get up and go wherever you are leading me in life.*


A Sestina

a Sestina:

You stare at me with that floolish grin
Connecting with my soul.
Your eyes inundate with love
For me while you sit poised in your supreme daze.
Your hands strategically placed
On your divine chiseled face.

I collapse when you graze my face
But can't conceal my tiny grin.
Perfectly placed
In this moment together- as one united soul.
One life. Is this a daze?
What is this love?

We are mechanized for love.
We long for the face of something we see only in a daze
So submarine we are engulfed by our grin.
Wondering as we search our own soul
If ever this love will be placed.

We are placed
Within the gut of love;
Of ourselves, our soul.
To love one another, we have to relish our face
And be able to grin
Despite past days.

So you arise from your daze,
Your poise no longer placed
Perfectly with your foolish grin,
Though I still envision the love
Because it's written all over your face;
Tangled in your soul.

I am tangled as well, my soul
That is. Still counting the days
Until I again see your face.
Then you will be placed
In this moment of love;
And of course there's that grin.

I soon will face the pain of my searching soul.
Meanwhile, I'll grin, as I live in a daze,
Pretending your hand is placed in mine and we are in


Times are a changin'

I'm entering this world of internet blogs broken hearted. I've made a change in my life. A change for the best and the family that is supposed to be behind me in everything I do, is making a mockery of my purpose. I know that God will prevail and things will be fabulous in the end, but it's hard to stand and not fight. It's hard to listen and not respond. All people are put through trials and tribulations. Some worse than others, but to whomever it is happening to, it can feel like the world is on your shoulders rather than at your feet. I just need to stand strong and not let anyone or anything bring me down, and if I do, remeber He lifts me up.