I have been spending an extremely large amount of time in the car lately. 80% of me doesn't mind this at all, 20% is pretty tired of it. Travels thus far:

Jan. (move to...) Grand Rapids, MI from Nashville, TN (9 hours)
Feb. Cincinnati, OH (6 hours)
Mar. Washington, D.C./VA (I flew this one.. I guess it doesn't really count as a road trip)
April. Chicago, IL (3 hours)
May. Virginia Beach, VA (15 hours)
May. (move to..) Virginia Beach, VA (15 hours)
June. Grand Rapids, MI (15 hours)
June. Indianapolis, IN (12 hours)

aaaaaand to come before summer is done:
Aug. Long Beach, NC (8 hours) and Sept. Nashville, TN (10 hours)

Needless to say I may not be visiting the hottest destinations on earth, but each of these locations hold the dearest people to my heart. As much as I wish at times that my friends and family lived in CA and OR and NY... I'm glad for the sake of my bank account and my car that they are a bit closer. I also love road trips (or..traveling in general) and I've been lucky enough to have Ben accompanying me on the majority of these drive so they've been lovely and adventurous.


Shel Silverstein

June 8th was an amazing release day for poetry and music fans all over.
A musical tribute to the songs of Shel Silverstein: "Twistable Turnable Man" with covers by Andrew Bird, Dr. Dog, some of the Pixies, My Morning Jacket, John Prine (one of my favs), and others. Here is the list:

Twistable, Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute to the Songs of Shel Silverstein Tracklist:
01. Lullabys, Legends and Lies – My Morning Jacket
02. The Twistable, Turnable Man Returns – Andrew Bird
03. This Guitar is for Sale – John Prine
04. The Unicorn – Dr. Dog
05. The Winner – Kris Kristofferson
06. Queen of the Silver Dollar – Sarah Jarosz w/ Black Prairie
07. Daddy What if – Bobby Bare, Jr. w/ Isabella Bare
08. The Cover of the Rolling Stone – Black Francis w/ Joey Santiago
09. Sylvia’s Mother – The Boxmasters
10. Me and Jimmy Rodgers – Ray Price
11. A Boy Named Sue – Todd Snider
12. The Ballad of Lucy Jordan – Lucinda Williams
13. The Living Legend – Bobby Bare, Sr.
14. The Giving Tree – Nanci Griffith
15. 26 Second Song – My Morning Jacket

Buy it. Listen to it. LOVE IT. It's amazing :)