Keep your hands up

I have been in Nashville for almost a month now.
I love it, I really do.

There has been so much confirmation in my being here. The Lord is so faithful to provide for me.
I was on my knees for the first time in a while, because I realized I had no money, and I had a crappy job that couldn't pay my bills, and I was stressed about relationships, and I was worried about my Dad etc etc.

Today, I helped Casey out at her job. We had made plans with the photographer that i would just come to help out, to observe. Which I was so excited about and it went so well. At the end of the day, he looked at me and told me that he couldn't pay me what he pays casey, but to send him an invoice for $185.

That is so the Lord. 

I talked to my dad before fathers day and we had a great conversation again. He told me that he thinks about me a lot and that he worries about me and he doesn't check in as much as he wished he did. He also gave me great advice about cliff jumping: keep your arms up. haha. he told me some stories about jumping off of cranes into gravel pits.
And he told me he was happy that I was doing what I was doing. And he told me it takes courage, and he likes it.

I love the scenery when I drive to work. I hate the humidity, but love it in a secret way. I love being able to hang out with Casey and Katie all the time. I love living with Kami. I love my 3 pools and workout room. I love working with Caleb and Jeb.
God has so much in store for me. So many good things. I am living in this moment, in this time of my life. And I am enjoying every minute of it. 

There have been heart aches and belly laughs shared between us girls so much since I have been here!! It is exactly what I have wanted and needed for so long. I am surrounded by amazing women of God and we encourage each other and talk about boys and lip gloss and dance around and eat good food and just enjoy each other. It is So good!

I got hired at a new place right across the street from my house. No more driving and, I get more hours. So... again. God provides.