Over and done... much to remember!

A Final Good-Bye
Thanks to Everyone!
I just want to say "Thank You" first and foremost to everyone who supported me this summer! Your prayers and donations made so much possible this summer. I can’t imagine how it would have gone without everyone at home backing us up.
I wanted to send you all a final recap. I have all of my pictures and such ready so I can share some of the memories with you.
Teaching English was our main ministry this summer. We taught at 4 different schools in the villages throughout the summer. Our goal wasn’t just to teach the kids English, but to love them, spend time with them, and just show them how special they are. The kids look forward to the summer ESL camps all school year. The missionaries who live in Zenica have been doing these camps for the last 4 summers and they have all been very successful. The kids love being loved and that’s what we concentrated on the whole summer. Please pray for success in future camps!
Humanitarian Aide
Along with teaching English, our team also did various humanitarian aide jobs throughout the summer. We unloaded semi-trucks with clothes, food and supplies and later distributed everything to the surrounding villages we taught English in. This is a ministry the Summay’s have become known and loved for in the villages.
Sight Seeing
During the weekends this summer, the Summay’s took us to many different cities in Bosnia. It was so awesome that we were able to do that so we could all get a better picture of what Bosnia is like, not just Zenica. In addition to that, our entire team (Us interns, 2 missionary families and 2 Bosnian families) took a 5 day vacation to a city called Neum which is the only costal city in Bosnia. And then at the very end of the summer, just our team of interns took a 4 day trip to Budapest, Hungary. Here are some of the pictures from our experiences this summer!!