That's Amore

There's something going around. Some kind of epidemic that causes me to feel whole and completely at one with the universe. ;) It's uniquely invigorating the way God works in us.

I'm getting ready to spend another night toiling away kissing people's feet. I feel I've mastered the art of charm. All in a days work... I should be grateful waiting on people and being a servant. I am grateful for having a job and being able to make money, but sometimes it's just too much.

I've changed my mind again and decided I really want to go out west to live. I'm thinking Montana or New Mexico. You never hear of anyone saying they want to move to New Mexico. I'll start the trend. Quite honestly I forget it's one of the 50 states. But I'm ready for a change in scenery and I need to escape the bittersweetness (is that a real word?) of my comfort zone a.k.a.: Grand Rapids.

"When the moon meets your eye like a big pizza pie... That's amore." _Moonstruck.

LOVE love Crazy love.

I miss you Croatia!

*Thank you Lord for being a God of opportunity. I am grateful for a source of income and the opportunity to be able to get up and go wherever you are leading me in life.*

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