Lucky little treasures

So being at home and not working and all gives me a lot of free time. I've been looking through all of my things... finding lots and lots of surprises.
I found THREE books full of poems. I got really excited. i used to love to write. I don't know what happened. but there is a turning going on in my life right now. And i'm going to start remembering that i love to write.

heres a couple of the most recent i found

I stand yellow tall and proud
infesting your yard with an army all my own
my roots extend for eons
making me impossible to rid.

the weathers change whisking away my life
along with my color.
leaving only a ball of fluff
for children to exhale upon;

planting their wishes and my seeds
for generations to come.

~3 to 6 to 5~
three hundred and sixty five
(times four)
days have gone by.

Let me tell you:
For the love,
The ground will break my fall.

With all due respect,
This journey should have ended
three hundred and sixty five
(times two)
days ago.

Well let me tell you:
For the love,
This is where it ends.

I'm done being jealous of our love.

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