it true
i have no need for tears
no need for arguments
no need for secrets,

because everyone found me out
i have no reason to hide

just like i have no reason to doubt
the love of my three sisters
and the love of my sleeping parents
the love of those who are close to me

As if a song
could make up for all the things I have done
but this is what I know.
This is what's familiar
And i'm trying my best
for love

cuz thats something for worth fighting for,
yea thats some thing worth fighting for,

and something im not without.
but no one seems to listen
no one gives a shit, anymore.

and I am lost for love.

Lord we want to give you everything
Lord we want to say we're sorry

but not now.
Lord not now
But not now.

Lord not now.

[Rodeo Ruby Love "it's true"]

All I can say is I'm sorry.

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