I am wrestling with some potential concepts right now. Gotta get em out...

Photography, using a vandyke brown printing process
shooting with 4x5 59 polaroid film. (love polaroids.)
Shoot portraits in the studio, lighting style... somewhat high-key.
shadows, limited detail.
print with vandyke process.
after first fix-- take a paintbrush with water, maybe acid? and paint out faces.
Take about... 6-8 polaroids?? use 3 in final.
dry mount and float.
concept: the feeling of just being another person. Like a leaf, they are all leaves, even though they are different. You see one, you see them all unless you stop to really appreciate what each one has to offer. Thats what this series is going to be like. Each one is going to look like the other, just a little bit different-- You can't really tell what each one has to offer until you stop and look at them each individually. You will notice, they are different people. They are holding different things, they are wearing different shirts. Little, but significant details.

Polaroid lift.
again use potraits. (can be digital though.) still high key.
Make into a lift and put onto transparency paper and sew ontop of another image or cloth.
mount on all-natural board.

Concept: still working... But I want to try to find or make the photo go on top of images or cloth that is like the person that is being photographed. example: my dad... I would put his photograph on top of something cold, steel looking. My younger sister... something kind of gothic, rebellious, out of the norm. My older sister... something sad. something.... insecure? not sure how i would work that one. Or... put the polaroids over images of addictions. My dad-- a cigarette. My sister- a piece of cake. My other sister- a book. Myself- a car. Then a blank one in the middle. Just a fuzzy plain lift, over a picture of something that dissapears? something.... like a ghost. Working it out.
Not sure how to mount this yet.... working. working. working. It will come to me.

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