Birthday Suit

So, today is my birthday. Twenty-four years!!
What a journey so far, I am so extremely blessed. Even though I am far away from a large majority of my loved ones, I've already received cards and presents and love from some of my friends and family. I love getting calls from my family. I've talked to my dad a lot this week about flights and whatnot yet he still calls and songs a little "well happpyyyyy biiirthday" and my mother always has some embarrassing or obnoxious song for me or my voicemail.
Tonight Ben and I have an exciting evening planned with the art crawl, dinner, and some "small surprises". I can't wait! We've both been really busy the last week with work and him with school so it will be wonderful to have a night out with just my man. Yesterday I spent the afternoon waiting out a heavy portion of the "tropical disturbance" and took a break from detouring flood zones at the mall. Birthday shopping. A few of my favorite buys (and received presents so far):

Perfect herringbone jacket from Gap.
I'm one of the few women lucky enough to get one- this was only available for a limited time.

Love this blouse from Banana! Its perfect with a skinny belt, under a jacket, a cardi, whatever.

I fell in love with the skirt the minute I laid eyes on it today. Thanks mom :)
These wedges are extremely comfy and taupe goes with everything.

The essential long cardigan

I LOVE these cords. I'm so glad colored pants are in again ha. Considering the majority of my wardrobe is earth tones and grays, bright pants pair perfectly.

My last stop of the day... Aveda. For my favorite skin care product and a hand massage. My hands are still soft and smell amazing.

In addition to all of this: a trip to Grand Rapids (!) which is hands down my favorite gift of this far.

Can't wait for tonight!

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