Part one of a parallel universe

part I
As I fell asleep he said:
Close your eyes, don't be afraid.
They'll never understand.
I said.
You're not like them.
He Said.
I have to find out.
I said.
You don't.
He said.
What will it prove?
That I am my own.
I said.
I'm taking a road trip. I said before I want to move out west, I think I'm going to visit it first. I'm thinking Montana. I have a friend that resides there and he keeps commenting that no one is going to visit him. Well my friend, I love driving and I love adventures even more than love so I will venture to Montana. I might have to do it alone, which is great because I'm in no hurry to get there or back and I don't care what happens in between. I refuse to spend a dime on a hotel though. Sleeping bags, long johns and a mixture of my car and a tent will do perfectly (I hope). I can't wait. I really hope it all works out.
Other than that latest update life is pretty grand. It's all a blur right now, I spend so much time on campus I'm thinking of taking up residency in a closet. Between there and my job... theres little time for much else. It's a little bit of a struggle, I put a lot of imprtant things on the back burner. God is one of those, I need to learn some time management. It's almost over though. It's only with His help that I'm even making it through right now.

I'm going to go enjoy the next few hours behind the lens on my picture date with Liz.

"chow darlings"


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Caitlin Mackenzie said...

I dont know what an RSS feed is sorry! but thanks for the compliment