FUNdamentals are the building blocks of FUN

Things have been going really well. The weather is BEAUTIFUL (crazy for Michigan!) we finally get to see the sun consistantly :) I feel like the holy spirit has been extremely present in my life the past few days, more so than normal anyway. I've been building on some important relationships with friends here and also begining new relationships with the people I will be with overseas. I feel as though I can say God has blessed this team with some AWESOME people. (at least in my opinon!) I haven't heard any news back on where I am with raising funds, but my team mate Heather gave me this awesome analogy
*God owns all the money in the world and He has this huge funnel that allows Him to dispurse as much as He wants, where He wants, in any amount of time.*
I've heard it a million times, but it's so cool to have that visual of God with this huge funnel, stuffing it with dollar bills... haha.
My mom's surgery went VERY well. So Praise for that! She's a little groggy and sore, but good overall. My parents have been pretty helpful in the whole process of me getting ready to go. My dad did a bunch of insurance stuff for me and my moms all excited about taking me shopping to get all the necessities. It's fun to see that they really want to help me be prepared!!
Thanks for all your prayer support!

More requests!!
*Continued financial and prayer support for all team members
*Lots of opportunities for our team to communicate before we meet in May!
*no stress while we all prepare. The times before the trip are always the most stressful!
*That we all use this time wisely and get CLOSER to God, not farther apart due to all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives
* Pray for the families and people in Bosnia that we will come in contact with, that God will prepare their hearts and use us to change lives.

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