Today I had the delight of waking up at 7:30. (Most of you who know me know I am NOT a morning person!) But I had to watch the kids so I was awake.
I was sitting at the table eating cereal and had little carson yelling "tay tay COME ON!" over and over. I told him to wait, but apparently 2 year olds don't understand what waiting means when they're excited! ;) So I went to the living room with him and kaitlyn and they were looking out the window at the sunrise. It was so colorful they were convinced it was a rainbow. I told them it was the sun, but kaitlyn said "but look at all the colors, that's a rainbow". I didn't argue anymore, I just looked out the window with them- all 3 of us in awe of the colors.
It was such a nice reminder of God and His creations.


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