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This week has been a huge blessing. I've been reminded of God's awesomeness, His glory, His power so much simply through His creations. The weather has been a huge blessing, I love how it just lifts people's moods and puts an excitement in the air. Also with the rain... I've always been a wuss about thunderstorms, but on one occasion earlier this week Josh and I were standing outside watching the rain. It was so beautiful though because the snow was still on the ground and with the warm weather and the rain it created this peaceful fog. Josh and I just stood outside listening to it and commenting on how the little things like this are what keep people going when life is so busy and things just aren't falling into place and basically just when life happens. God reveals himself to you through these times of peace and beauty.

I also have a praise reguarding fund raising. As of Friday there are $686 dollars in. $105 of that was raised at Jumpin Java! Some friends put on a little "benefit concert" and played guitar and sang for a few hours to get some recognition on what;s going to be happeneing this summer in Zenica. I didn't put up posters or anything because it was all kinda last minute so I wasn't expecting much turn out. But God totally stepped in and provided the money (almost all in $1 bills too!!). So I thank everyone who gave and were there to support Bosnia Friday!!!!

A few prayer requests:
--Pray that God will remove all anxiousness from me. I'm getting antsy about being here in the US any longer... I'm just really excited to go to Bosnia, and if I had my way, I would do nothing but work towards getting there. But I have school and a job and commitments, so please pray that God will take care of the little things that could fog my focus and allow me to see the necessary steps in this process and not try to skip what is vital to the experience.
--Continue to pray for support from my family I want them to be as excited as I am and continue to ask questions. This is a huge opportunity for me to witness to them. I want nothing more than for my family to come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior!
--Pray for finances for me and my team mates. Pray that we all will seek guidance in any opportunity to raise funds and that we won't lose sight of the reason for this trip. It's hard sometimes in raising finances because a lot of self promotion is going on, but it's not all about us-it's about the people that we are going to touch and the experiences and the country we're serving in. It's about God and giving Him the glory and the honor and the praise that He deserves!

also, if anyone has questions, comments, things I can pray for, or just wants to get ahold of me. my email is camaha@sbcglobal.net


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